Look Into the Future

Having trouble keeping up with what’s coming next for Duran Duran? Want information on upcoming Daily Duranie events?  We’re here to keep it all straight and organized for you!  Be sure to bookmark the page – and we’ll let you know as we receive updates!!

We will try to give you as much information as we can for each event, linking to the band’s website for additional details, giving descriptions, etc.

11/17 Monday:  Kingdom by Charli XCX (featuring Simon Le Bon) out as part of the Hunger Games soundtrack

11/27 Thursday:  2015 Duran Duran Calendar available for purchase on duranduran.com!

11/28 Friday:  Blue to Brown featuring Dom Brown is playing at the Armoury Pub in London!





"Maybe you think you're above it, but baby we know that you love it." – Red Carpet Massacre

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